Our Team




Rick is a retired Navy and airline pilot who was an instructor and check pilot for both. Upon retirement he went back to school and graduated from Western Seminary. "My passion is to see new pilots take flight for missionary work."


Chief Financial Officer

Greg is a life- long Washington resident. He’s been married for 40 years to his wife Gale and they have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren. Currently retired, he spent 35 Years with Horizon Airlines as Captain and Check Airman. "I have a passion to teach and share my experience with those called by God to serve in Mission Aviation."


Chief Flight Instructor

Steve grew up as a missionary kid of parents who worked with the native American Indians which fueled his interest in missions. He is a CFI/AGI and is actively involved in flight instruction with a specialty in tailwheel and backcountry flight operations. He has been married for 33 years to his wife Terri and has two daughters – one of which is involved in mission work. Steve maintains a full-time practice as a Clinical Psychologist in Sandy, OR. “It is my desire to support and facilitate the development of new missionary pilots and mechanics to further the sharing of the Gospel that the whole world may hear of Jesus Christ.”


We are honored to have assisted numerous families and individuals in following their calling to serve since 2006.

  • Mike & Angie, MAF Nampa, ID
  • Pete & Betsy, Artic Barnabus Ministries, AK, retired
  • Slick & Donna, AIM, Kenya
  • Will & Nan, MAF, Indonesia, retired
  • Dave & Christine, Haiti, retired
  • Chris & Joy, Democratic Republic of The Congo, retired
  • Tim & Mallory, MAF, Indonesia
  • Elijah & Melanie, MAF, Nampa, ID
  • Simon, Liberty University
  • Peter & Miriam, MAF, Suriname
  • Dan, MAF, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Dave & Erin, MAF, Haiti
  • John & Karen, MAF, Democratic Republic of The Congo
  • Dan, MAF, Haiti
  • Kyle & Rebecca, AWA, NC
  • Fernando, MAF, Bangladesh
  • Elijah, Liberty University



Grace, Pilot Training

Ashlyn, Pilot Training

Samueal, Pilot Training


Thomas Flagg
Grant Kainu
Kim Miller
Jay Parker
Jeff Pinnock
Henry Spang
Ford Wright