Q: Where would my training take place?

A: Servant Wings is located at Pearson Airport in Vancouver, WA.

Q: What aircraft is used for training?

A: Servant Wings has two aircraft to support your training which include a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 206. Primary training occurs in the 172 with advanced training and missionary candidacy training occurring in the 206.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The cost of learning to fly will vary depending on many variables. Fuel, maintenance, and airplane expenses play a major role in determining airplane rental rates. At Servant Wings we seek to provide well-maintained aircraft at a competitive or below market rate to support missionary-focused flight training. Financial supporters of Servant Wings help to keep costs down and support missionary flight training.
*Recent Flight students estimate between $7,000 and $9,000 to complete their Private Pilot certificate.

Q: Are any scholarships offered?

A: Currently we do not have the ability to offer scholarships

Q: How long does it take for a potential Student / Candidate to qualify for a Mission Agency?

A: The first step is to complete the Private Pilot Certification. The FAA currently requires 40 hours of flight time for the Private Pilot Certificate. However, very few students complete all their training in 40 hours. The average time is 55 hours. Therefore, a realistic timetable is three to four months to obtain your private certificate, assuming you can fly each week.
Additional Flight training and experience required by Mission Agencies includes Commercial Pilot Certification and an Instrument Rating.
Potential Candidates must also complete FAA Maintenance Training and Certification.
All Mission Agencies also require varying amounts of College Bible Credits - a minimum of 12 hours.

Q: How do I get started?


Step 1 - Contact us to schedule a site visit

Step 2 - Fill out a Servant Wing's Application

Step 3 - Obtain Board Approval


Q: Servant Wings offers two levels of Membership:

Student / Candidate Members
Student Candidate Members are the focus of Servant Wings. They have an expressed desire to train for placement with a Mission Aviation Agency. These are our target Members. For that reason, the majority of our limited resources will be focused on them. During the initial term of membership, Servant Wings will be evaluating these Members to determine their intentions and heart for Mission Service in addition to their aptitude for success. Likewise, these students will be evaluating Servant Wings to ensure that we are meeting their needs for their training and preparations.

Pilot Members
Interested Pilots may apply to become Pilot Members with Servant Wings. Applicants are not destined to the Mission Field, but desire to support our Students/Candidates with their Membership. Applicants must already be in procession of an FAA issued Private Pilot or higher Certification. Pilot Members will only be eligible for the minimum level of recurrent training required to maintain FAA recent experience and currency. Because we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit school and to comply with IRS guidelines, Pilot Memberships are limited.

All members are required to be in agreement with and sign our Doctrinal Statement as a condition of membership.

Q: What are the fees to join and maintain Membership?

Initiation Fee
Servant Wings charges a one time $300 initiation fee to join. This fee is non-refundable to Pilot members. The $300 fee will be reimbursed to any Student / Candidate Member that is accepted with a Mission Agency.

Monthly Membership Fees
All Members are subject to a $65 monthly membership fee. These fees are used to help cover fixed monthly expenses.
Our preference is that our members Fly regularly so the following exception is provided: The monthly membership fee is waived if a member schedules and fly’s at least one Flight during the calendar month.

Q: What are the Aircraft Rental rates?


Only Pilot Members and Student / Candidate Members qualify to Rent Servant Wings Aircraft.

Aircraft rental rates per hour, including fuel* 

As of February 2023




Cessna 172



Cessna 206



*These fees are based on Avgas prices not exceeding $5.00 per gallon. In the event fuel goes above $5.00 per gallon the fees will need to be adjusted to accommodate the actual fuel costs. Rental fees also do not include the State of Washington 8.5% sales tax which will be invoiced each month as a part of rental expenses.
**The Cessna 206 is available for Dual Instruction only for Student / Candidate members. On occasion, we are contacted by fully certified Pilot / Mechanics that are seeking time in a Cessna 206 to prepare for a Technical evaluation with a Mission Agency. While they are not Members of Servant Wings, It is our desire to assist them in fulfilling their calling. Out of respect for our membership, we created a higher, dual instruction only, non-member rate for the 206 for just this purpose.


q: Can I volunteer with Servant Wings?

A: Yes! Please Contact us